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FAQ's - Sprung Floor Solutions

What is a Sprung Floor ?

A sprung floor is a performance floor designed to absorb and diffuse impact energy imparted to it by dancers or performers.  It returns or reflects a sufficient portion of that energy to make the floor feel lively, providing a small amount of lift and at the same time, the returned energy should not be so large as to adversely affect bone, joints, muscle, tendon, etc. This balance helps to protect dancers from both fatigue and injury.

A sprung floor cannot have a connection to the substrate that it resides upon that is solid, where there is a non- resilient combination of materials, vertically, on any part of the floor from the surface to the substrate below.  An example being,  plywood set upon and affixed to sleepers.  There is a solid connection from the floor surface through the sleeper to the substrate.  This solid part of the floor affords no protection from returned impact energy for dancers and represents a risk for injury.  A sprung floor needs to provide uniform responsiveness to a dancers interactions with it and protection from excessive returned impact energy.

What benefits does a Sprung Floor Solutions sprung floor provide ?

The demands of safety for a dancers body and the stability and responsiveness of the performance surface are the necessities we incorporate into each of our sprung dance floors. While learning, rehearsing or performing, impact forces imparted to the floor by dancers from their jumps, leaps, stomps and general repetitive contact are very large. The floor must have the ability to absorb a portion of these forces, without making it feel too soft or unstable causing dancers to overwork themselves. If the floor does not absorb these forces sufficiently the excess energies are largely returned to dancers bodies through their feet, legs, joints, tendon, etc., with the potential of causing discomfort or even great harm. This can lead to a range of dance injuries that spans dancing "hurt", to those that can end a career. Guided by the importance we place on "Safety in Performance" for dancers of all genres, performers and fitness enthusiasts, each Sprung Floor Solutions dance floor is designed to prevent injuries and counter fatigue, enabling more energetic training and performances.

Does Sprung Floor Solutions – Sell sprung floors ?

Yes we do. Sprung Floor Solutions offers Sales of our sprung floors to Dance and Fitness Studio Owners, Production Companies, Education Programs, Performance Venues, Touring Companies, Dance Schools and Individuals for Home Studios.

Does Sprung Floor Solutions – Rent sprung floors ?

Yes we do.  Sprung Floor Solutions offers Rentals our sprung floors for Dance Performance Events, Media Production, Competitions, Trade Shows,  Dance Exhibition, Fitness, Martial Arts and Education.

Does Sprung Floor Solutions – Design sprung floors ?

Yes we do.   Sprung floor solutions will Design floors per customer specifications or work with Architects in executing existing plans.

Does Sprung Floor Solutions install the floors they Sell and Rent ?

Yes we do.  Sprung Floor Solutions offers installation services for all our sprung floor Sales and Rentals.
For purchases, we transport and install at your site and for rentals we transport, install, maintain and strike our floors.

Will Sprung Floor Solutions move our floor to a new location ?

Yes we will.  Sprung Floor Solutions offers Relocation services for our sprung floor customers.  If you are moving to a different studio or venue location, we can dismantle and remove your floor, transport and install it at your new performance space .

What surfaces can a Sprung Floor Solutions sprung floor be installed on ?

Our floors can be installed upon virtually any level surface including : concrete slab, existing flooring, risers and performance venue stages.

Do Sprung Floor Solutions installations need to be attached to the existing floor ?

No. Sprung Floor Solutions floors are fully floating sprung floors. No part of the floor requires attachment to the substrate is rests upon and therefore no damage is done to the existing substrate.

Where can a Sprung Floor Solutions sprung floor be used ?

Virtually any space including unconventional performance spaces can be transformed into a safe dance rehearsal and performance space with Sprung Floor Solutions portable sprung floors. Substrates of Concrete, Brick, Tile, Hardwood and even Asphalt can have our sprung floors installed upon them creating unique venues with professional quality sprung floors that protect dancers.

Can a floor be configured differently than the original installation ?

Yes. Because the floor is modular, panels, perimeter and foam can be arranged in a differently configured array up to the extent of the number of panels and perimeter sections and square footage of foam from the original installation. If a larger floor dimension is required, additional floor panels, perimeter and foam can be used to create the larger array and if smaller dimensions are required, floor panels, perimeter and foam can be removed and stored until needed. Other sized panels and perimeter, tensioning cables or cable extensions sections may be needed to accommodate the new design layout.

What is the height of a Sprung Floor Solutions sprung floor ?

The rise of a Sprung Floor Solutions sprung floor is 1.75 inches

What floor sizes are available from Sprung Floor Solutions ?

Sprung Floor Solutions can configure a floor of virtually any size.

Does Sprung Floor Solutions Rent Dance Floor Marley ?

Sprung Floor Solutions has available for both long and short term, rentals of our Dance Floor Marley for Percussive and Non-Percussive Dance Genres.  Choices in Black Matte are : 45, 32, 24, 21, 16 and 12 Feet.   28 foot lengths gray and marbled tan and 32 foot lengths in light gray and dark gray. Please contact us regarding your marley rental needs, by completing the rental inquiry form at this link :


How much space is required if a floor needs to be stored ?

The modular design of Sprung Floor Solutions portable sprung floors requires minimal space for storage purposes. An entire 32‘ x 32‘ (1024 sq ft) floor occupies a footprint of approximately 35 square feet, stacked 6 feet high. Static loading that can cause degradation of the foam support layer are avoided because the foam is independent of the floor panels. 

Sprung Floor Solutions FAQ's provide quick answers about our floor specification, services and the benefits our sprung floor systems provide. For additional information, please complete our form to the right and we'll be happy to reply to your inquiry.

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