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Sprung Floor Solutions   Since Sprung Floor Solutions™ began in 2008, thousands of dancers, from around the world, have experienced the benefits of “Safety in Performance” that our portable sprung dance floors provide.  Film, Video and Photo production companies, Professional Dance Companies, Educational Institutions,  as well as prestigious competitive events including, World Irish Dance Championships, Regional Oireachtas and NAFC regional qualifying events have chosen Sprung Floor Solutions for the safety and dependability of our sprung floor systems.

Creating sprung dance flooring of the highest quality for Irish Dance competitors, was the goal we set to achieve early in 2008.  From our original flooring designs to the venue, touring and studio floor systems we manufacture today, “Safety in Performance” has been our design principle.

 The demands of safety for a dancers body and the stability and responsiveness of the performance surface, are the necessities we   incorporate into each of our sprung dance floors.  While learning, rehearsing or performing, impact forces imparted to the floor by dancers from their jumps, leaps, stomps and general repetitive contact are very large.  The floor must have the ability to absorb a portion of these forces, without making it feel too soft or unstable, which would cause dancers to overwork themselves.  If the floor is not designed to absorb a portion of these forces, they are largely returned to the dancers bodies through their feet, legs, joints, tendon, etc., with the potential of causing discomfort or even great harm.  This can lead to a range of dance injuries that spans dancing “hurt”, to those that can end a career.  Guided by the importance we place on “Safety in Performance” for dancers of all genres, performers and fitness enthusiasts, each Sprung Floor Solutions™ dance floor is designed to prevent injuries and counter fatigue, enabling more energetic training and performances.

We are pleased to offer the benefits of “Safety in Performance”, to all genres of dance that each Sprung Floor Solutions™ dance floor provides to performers of all disciplines and abilities.

For additional information how “Safety in Performance” with  Sprung Floor Solutions™ floor systems can benefit you or your performers please contact us through our email link below :

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