Safety in Performance

Elastomer Foam


Elastomer Foam provides impact energy absorption, stable support and resiliency, allowing  Sprung Floor Solutions floor systems to fully float and respond to the actions of performers.  It consists of a layer of 2 pound, closed-cell, cross-linked polyethylene in a one to one ratio of foam to floor panel.  For every square inch of floor panel surface area in any floor array,  there is a corresponding cubic inch of  foam supporting it providing a consistent feel to performers wherever on the floor their actions place them.  The foam support layer also creates a sound isolating capability that produces both crisp hard shoe attacks, projected outward without reverberations, and low noise landings from leaps and jumps.   Our foam can be placed upon all prepared stable substrates and where moisture remediation is required, it can reside upon 6 mil seam sealed polyethylene sheeting.

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