Safety in Performance

Welcome to Sprung Floor Solutions !

Your  “Safety in Performance”  is Our objective …

SFS-Dancer1-border Sprung flooring for Dance, Film, Video, TV and Photo, Studio and Location Shoots, Theater, Education, Martial Arts and Fitness.       Sprung Floor Solutions™ provides Safety in Performance foremost in design.

Sprung Floor Solutions™ premier design energy absorbing floor systems helps prevent impact injuries and counters fatigue for safer training, rehearsals and more energized performances.  Manufactured with the highest quality materials by CNC processes, our floors are produced to exact specifications, delivering consistent, superior results.

Sprung Floor Solutions™ is a Metro New York City company  providing sprung floor Rental, Sales and Design services for Dance, Theater, Location and Studio Shoots for Film, Video, TV and Photo , Touring Companies, Performance Venues, Architects, Designers, Studios, Educational Institutions, Therapeutic Programs, Fitness, Martial Arts and Dance Competitions with portable to permanent sprung floor installations.

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