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Sprung Floor Solutions Transforms any venue into a protective performance space with Sprung Floor Solutions™ Sprung Dance Floor Rentals.

Sprung Floor Solutions™ provides rentals of our sprung dance floors for Performance, Rehearsal, Media Production at Location and Studio Shoots, Theater, Touring Companies, Studios, Education and Martial Arts.  Our floors can be installed in conventional and unconventional performance spaces, on Stage, Riser or at ground level, sized for your dimensions.  Rentals from Sprung Floor Solutions™ creates Safety in Performance  for your Event.

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Please Read Our Sprung Dance Floor Rental Policy before completing the contact form and clicking the “I have read the Rental Policy” box :

Please read the following RENTAL POLICY prior to submitting the contact form for sprung floor rental. Our receipt of the contact form regarding your rental request or otherwise contacting Sprung Floor Solutions regarding a rental of our sprung flooring is an acknowledgement of and agreement to this rental policy.

In order to meet the time sensitive needs of our customers for rental(s) of our sprung flooring, all rental transactions need to be done on a Reserved Basis. This provides our customers with scheduled day(s) and time(s) of our materials and labor for their performance(s), shoot(s) or event(s).

Reserving a sprung floor requires acceptance of : the rental quote ( good for 3 Days), the signed contract or received Invoice provided by Sprung Floor Solutions or Quote acceptance and payment by client. Dates and times for our sprung flooring can then be promised to our contracting client(s).

For reservation Four (4) weeks or more in advance, a One Half (50 percent) deposit is required at contract signing or Invoice receipt with balance due One (1) week prior to scheduled Delivery and or Installation. For reservations Three (3) weeks or less in advance, payment in full is required at the time of contract signing or Invoice receipt. Payment options include: Zelle, ACH, Wire Transfer and Credit Card via Square Invoicing.

Direct Access to Installation site(s) is required by Sprung Floor Solutions. Direct access is loading dock access, street level access or freight elevator access to installation site for Delivery of materials without having to move/carry individual floor components by hand due to restricted cart access from narrow hallway(s), insufficient turning radius or inadequately sized freight elevator(s) or lack of freight elevators, stairs, steep ramping or obstructed hallways or floors. If direct access is not available and this information had not been previously transmitted to Sprung Floor Solutions by client, supplemental costs will be charged to client to cover man hours required to deliver materials to and remove materials from site. Sprung Floor Solutions will remain within its’ contractual obligations to client for installation if this information has not be made known to Sprung Floor Solutions prior quote calculation, invoice transmission to contract signing.

*Damage to Sprung Floor Solutions Sprung Flooring and or Marley while in use by client*

Client agrees that any new damage to Sprung Flooring and or Marley while being rented by or in the care of client will result in additional charges at replacement cost for materials, shipping and additional labor costs. Client agrees to its’ obligation to pay Sprung Floor Solutions LLC for these costs. A photographic records installed sprung flooring and or Marley will be captured for clients record of condition and review.

Sprung Floor Solutions will not be held responsible for delays in Delivery, Installation, Strike or Pickup due to unavoidable traffic delay(s), roadwork, street closure(s), governmental action(s), law enforcement action(s), fire department action(s), health department action(s), weather closure(s), union labor action(s), demonstration(s), civil unrest, parades or delays caused by the venue operator or its’ contractor(s) or sub-contractor(s), upon whose work Sprung Floor Solutions is dependent in order to complete its’ work obligation to client.

When a reservation is booked for a client, Sprung Floor Solutions dedicates dates, materials, transportation and labor for that specific clients’ needs, denying others the availability of those dates and foregoing their business. Should a need arise for client to cancel a reservation for a given date or dates, while no refund is possible, Sprung Floor Solutions will reschedule for the cancelling client subject to the then existing availability of open dates.

Please provide your rental requirements by completing the Rental Inquiry form to the right and clicking the “I have read the rental policy” box.  Thank you.

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