Safety in Performance



Fastening Hardware utilized for Sprung Floor Solutions floor systems, provides the x and y axis tensioning of the floor panel array, the inline connection of perimeter sections and enables our floor systems to be easily installed and struck.

Simplicity of function and reliable strength are characteristics present in our hardware components.  In-line perimeter attachment hardware uses 87 mm steel double ended cam bolts and 13 mm camlocks between sections and requires only a phillips or slotted screwdriver for tightening.

Our stainless steel cabling is 1/8th inch thick and is fitted with swaged  1/4-28 threaded studs that are fastened on the outsides through the width of the perimeter using flat washer, lock washer and 1/4-28 coupling nut and requires only a ratchet or nut-driver for tightening.  Cabling can be fabricated to any length specified.

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