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Sprung Floor Systems manufactured by Sprung Floor Solutions™ are fully floating, energy absorbing performance staging that can be installed upon virtually any substrates, existing flooring, stage and risers for temporary or long term installations.  Floors can be customized to fit any studio or venue and are a space saving answer for performance touring and multi-use activity areas.

Our floor system uses CNC routed tongue and groove, 18 mm Baltic Birch plywood floor panels that comprise the running bond array of the floor.  The array resides upon and is supported by an elastomer layer of 1 inch thick, 2 pound closed cell, cross-linked polyethylene foam.   The assembled floor panels are contained on all sides by interlocking perimeter sections that are fastened at the opposite sides on both the x and y axes of the floor by 1/8 inch stainless steel cabling with swaged, threaded fittings.  The floor panels require no mechanical fastening to each other, enabling energy absorption and responsiveness to dancers over smaller areas of the floor.  Because the floor is self tensioned, there is no necessity to cleat or affix the floor to the substrate, eliminating damage to existing flooring, stage or riser.  The finished height from substrate to surface is approximately 1.71 inches and can be fitted with A.D.A. ramping or eased edging if desired.

A floor can be installed and struck as needed and requires very little storage space thanks to its system of individual components.  This provides perfect solutions for multi-use venues, performance touring or changes in studio locations allowing the investment in a Sprung Floor Solutions™ floor system to be moved where needed.

As an example, a 32 foot by 32 foot floor (1024 square feet), requires a footprint of only 35 square feet by 6 feet high for stacked storage.  There is no danger of the elastomer layer degrading from compression set when stored, as it is not bound to the individual floor panels and will not experience static loading.

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Floor Panels,   Elastomer Foam,   Perimeter,   Hardware,   Edge & Ramping

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