Safety in Performance



Sprung Floor Solutions™ offers sales  of our sprung dance floor systems for Performance Venues,  Touring Companies, Studios, Education Programs, Event Organizers, Trade Exposition,  Martial Arts, Aerobic Fitness, Students, Dance Schools, Conservatories and Academies


Sprung Floor Solutions™ offers rentals of our sprung dance floors for all Genres of Dance, Film, Video and TV Production, Theater, Dance Competitions, Recitals, Educational, Martial Arts, Fitness and Recreation Programs, Dance Schools, Conservatories and Academies.


Sprung Floor Solutions™ offers Sprung Dance Floor Design Origination and Execution for Architectural and Design Firms,  Performance Venues, Touring Companies, Studios, Education, Fitness and Competition Operators.  Offering portable to permanent installations.


Sprung Floor Solutions™ offers Floor Removal from existing Customer site(s), Transport and Re-installaton at new site(s)

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