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Marley Dance Floor Rental


Sprung Floor Solutions  Marley Dance Floor Rental for Percussive and Non-Percussive Dance Genres as well as stage covering for non-dance performances are available from Sprung Floor Solutions™  for both long and short term.  Our color choices are Matte Black, Gray, White, Chroma Green and Yellow. Please contact us regarding your marley rental requirements, by completing the rental inquiry form to the right.
All rentals need to be reserved in advance.  Please call us at  914-714-9420 or reach us by email at  [email protected] for confirmation .

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Please Read Our MARLEY Dance Floor Rental Policy before clicking the “I have read the Rental Policy” box :

Dance Floor MARLEY Rental Policy

To serve our customers needs for the time sensitive nature of their events,  MARLEY RENTAL BOOKINGS  are required to be done on a “RESREVED” basis.  RESERVING marley for an event assures that the resources (materials, labor and materials transportation) needed, will be available for the event load-in and installation/ strike and loadout schedule which must be clearly indicated by the client, informing Sprung Floor Solutions of specific time(s) that loadin,  installation, strike and loadout must be completed by.  While Sprung Floor Solutions strives to accommodate every customer and their needs as may arise on short term notice, customers who have RESERVED a rental  booking are given priority.  Reserving a booking requires the return of a signed Contract or  quote acceptance and Payment(s) Due, indicated on the Rental Invoice  and includes, as applicable, Rental Fee, Labor costs, Floor Tape Costs, Sales Taxes, Transportation Costs, Travel Costs, Processing Cost and Insurance Costs.  For customers who request that marley be shipped to their location, rental service period will also include billing for transit times of marley to and from the event. In addition to these costs a deposit will be required and is refundable when marley is received, in good condition, by Sprung Floor Solutions after customer event (normal wear is expected).

Full Payment to Sprung Floor Solutions LLC is required along with signed Rental Contract agreement or Invoiced quote acceptance prior to installation date.  Rental bookings are done on a first come, first served, basis and must be completed prior to intended date for load-in and installation. Booking for event/performance, properly sized transportation, materials, necessary shipping lead times and labor may not be obtainable, otherwise.
* Please keep in mind that we can only “hold” dates for  customers from whom payment and completed paperwork have been received. *

Proper Gaffer or Floor (Splice) tape must be used and is available through Sprung Floor Solutions.  Duct tape of any kind is NOT ALLOWED.  If any castered or wheeled equipment, sound equipment, lighting equipment, instruments, band set-up, drum kits, set elements, scenery or seating, is to be placed upon the marley, client must obtain permission, in advance, from Sprung Floor Solutions so that such placements can be accomplished in accordance with Sprung Floor Solutions methods to avoid damaging marley.

If a client requires PRISTINE or NEW marley for their shoot or event, this information MUST be conveyed to Sprung Floor Solutions, so that an accurate quote can be provided and that expectations are met.  If PRISTINE or NEW marley is not required or desired for client’s event, “Stock Marley”, that being marley which has been previously performed upon, will be included in the quote.  For any needed clarification between Pristine/New and Stock Marley, please submit that request in the “Additional Information” section of the “Marley Rental Inquiry” form.  Client is permitted to clean the marley as may be necessary for their purposes.  Cleaning materials include: DENATURED alcohol, water, magic erasers, microfiber cloths and spray reservoir applicators.  Cleaners containing surfactants or other soap products are NOT allowed as these products can leave residues which may be slippery.  If client elects to have Sprung Floor Solutions clean the marley to customers specifications, time and materials, separate from rental quote, will be billed to client.

The Rental agreement must be signed or invoice paid in order to secure usage of the Marley flooring.  This ensures that the renter assumes responsibility for: style of dance performed upon the Marley, any Damages to the Marley during the service period and or while in renters care and the assumption of liabilities, fines, suits, claims, demands and actions of any kind against Sprung Floor Solutions by any act or default by the renting individual or group.

When a reservation is booked for a client, Sprung Floor Solutions dedicates dates/materials and labor for that specific clients’ needs, denying others the availability of those dates and foregoing their business. Should a need arise for client to cancel a reservation for a given date or dates, while no refund is possible, Sprung Floor Solutions will reschedule for the cancelling client subject to the then existing availability of open dates.

*** Tap Shoes with any type of Metal Tap or Hard Clogging Shoes with any type of Metal (Jingle)Tap, Flamenco Shoes, Ballroom Dance shoes or Tapatio shoes, will be allowed to be used on Sprung Floor Solutions Marley Rentals ONLY if permission from Sprung Floor Solutions for such use has been obtained in writing by renting party. ***

*** If Percussive style dancing  is to be performed, renting party MUST request and receive written clearance from Sprung Floor Solutions prior to Rental use! ***

No Food or Beverages are allowed on Marley.  No Footwear other than Proper Professional Dance Footwear is allowed on the Marley unless permission from Sprung Floor Solutions has been obtained.  Renters are responsible for leaving the Marley in clean condition.   If necessary, ONLY  Cleaners listed above may be used. 

For shipped and or customer installed marley rentals, Marley is to be properly re-rolled on provided  cores and taped to prevent un-ravelling and placed back into shipping boxes/materials it arrived in.  If customer is unfamiliar as to how to properly re-roll the marley, please contact Sprung Floor Solutions for instructions.  Any marley returned from customer self installation/strike that is coned out off the roll and thereby requiring re-rolling by Sprung floor Solutions will result in an additional charge billed to customer for re-rolling labor.  If the marley is damaged as a result of improper re-rolling by customer,  customer will be responsible for the full replacement cost and shipping cost of the damaged marley.  When returning shipped marley, customer will call Sprung Floor Solutions regarding return shipping readiness for freight carrier pick-up and transfer Marley to Freight Carrier at time determined.

**Damages to or theft or loss of Sprung Floor Solutions Marley during the service period of the rental contract or in clients care** 

Damages to marley or theft or loss of marley will be charged to the renting party at Full Replacement Cost(s) plus shipping cost(s) plus additional labor costs(s).  Normal use wear is expected.  Permission granted to a client by Sprung Floor Solutions for the use of or placement of equipment, set pieces, seating, musical instruments or non-professional dance footware, does not constitute relief of client’s obligation for damages caused to the marley by the use of such equipment, set pieces, seating, musical instruments or footware.  A photographic record of marley condition at installation will be recorded  for clients records and review. 

Sprung Floor Solutions LLC reserves the right to refuse rental.  
Should a check be returned for NSF, client agrees to pay an additional $75 charge to Sprung Floor Solutions LLC for Bank costs and to make alternative arrangements for payment.

Neither Sprung Floor Solutions LLC nor its personnel, will be held responsible or liable for delays in scheduled installation or removal of its’ materials rented to customers due to: civil unrest, civil disobedience actions, law enforcement, fire, health department or governmental actions, closures of street or street access due to construction, labor strikes, job actions of any kind, roadwork, utility work, weather closure(s), gatherings or protests, parades, flooding, terrorism, environmental incidents or incidents arising from governmental actions, directives or orders regarding medical emergencies such as infectious outbreaks or bio-terrorism nor for delays caused by customer’s personnel, contractors, sub-contractors or venue, upon whose work and or work completion, Sprung Floor Solutions is dependent, in order to begin, continue or complete its’ work obligations to customer.  Delays of or interruptions in Sprung Floor Solutions work  for installation(s) and or strike(s), caused by customer personnel, contractors or sub-contractors or venue conditions, venue personnel, contractors or sub-contractors, will be billed additionally to client as stand-by time to payable by client to Sprung Floor Solutions via supplemental Invoice at a rate of $70.00 per man hour for labor  costs and when applicable, transport overtime costs.

Customer entry into a rental agreement with Sprung Floor Solutions LLC assumes that customer has read and agrees to this rental policy.