Safety in Performance

Sprung Floor Rental Policy

To serve our customers needs for the time sensitive nature of their events,  SPRUNG FLOOR RENTAL BOOKINGS  are best done on a “RESREVED” basis.  RESERVING sprung flooring for an event assures that the resources (materials, labor and materials transportation) needed, will be available for the event load-in and installation schedule which must be clearly indicated by the client, informing Sprung Floor Solutions of specific time(s) that installation(s) must be completed by.  While Sprung Floor Solutions strives to accommodate every customer and their needs as may arise on short term notice, customers who have RESERVED a rental  booking are given priority.  Reserving a booking requires the return to Sprung Floor Solutions LLC of a signed Contract and Full Payment Due, indicated on the Rental Invoice and includes, as applicable, Rental Fee, Labor costs, Marley Rental Fee, Floor Tape Costs, Sales Taxes, Travel Costs, Transportation Costs, Processing Cost and Insurance Costs.

For the occasion when a rental for Sprung Floor with marley is requested, if a client requires pristine or new marley for their shoot or event, this information MUST be conveyed to Sprung Floor Solutions, so that an accurate quote can be provided and that expectations are met.  If pristine or new marley is not required for client’s event, “Stock Marley”, being marley that has been previously performed upon, will be included in the quote.  For any needed clarification between Pristine/New and Stock Marley, please submit that request in the “Additional Information” section of the “Sprung Floor Rental Inquiry” form.

Conflicts in scheduling, that may arise, causing a cancellation of the confirmed and scheduled booking for a client’s event will result in a charge of 50% of the Invoiced amount within 3 weeks of the event,  and 100% of the invoiced amount within 2 weeks of the event, as a date reserved for a client’s event precludes Sprung Floor Solutions from booking other customers for that/those date(s).  Rescheduling for a future date will be subject to the existing schedule Sprung Floor Solutions has with subsequently booked customers.

Full Payment to Sprung Floor Solutions LLC is required along with signed Rental Contract agreement prior to or upon installation date.  Rentals are booked on a first come, first served basis and  must be completed prior to intended date for load-in and installation of customer event.  Booking for event/performance and properly sized transportation for materials or shipping lead times needed, may not be obtainable, otherwise.

Neither Sprung Floor Solutions LLC nor its personnel, will be held responsible or liable for delays in scheduled installation or removal of its’ materials rented to customers due to: civil unrest, civil disobedience actions, law enforcement or governmental actions, closures of street or street access due to construction, labor strikes, job actions of any kind, roadwork, utility work, weather closure(s), gatherings or protests, parades, flooding, terrorism or environmental incidents nor from incidents arising from governmental actions, directives or orders regarding medical emergencies such as infectious outbreaks or bio-terrorism nor for delays caused by customer’s personnel, contractors, sub-contractors or venue, upon whose work and or work completion, Sprung Floor Solutions is dependent, in order to begin, continue or complete its’ work obligations to customer.  Delays of or interruptions in Sprung Floor Solutions work  for installation(s) and or strike(s), caused by customer personnel, contractors or sub-contractors or venue conditions, venue personnel, contractors or sub-contractors, will be billed to and payable by customer to Sprung Floor Solutions via supplemental Invoice for labor overtime costs and transport overtime costs at a rate of $150.00 per man hour.

Customer entry into a rental agreement with Sprung Floor Solutions LLC assumes that customer has read and agrees to this rental policy.

* Please keep in mind that we can only “hold” dates for  customers from whom payment and completed paperwork have been received. *